The Urban Spring is a place where water and wellness unite in a holistic fashion.


We believe that a healthy, wealthy and happy life starts with what you put in your body. That goes for water, food, supplements, beverages, protein, you name it, it ALL matters and YOU deserve the BEST of what’s out there.


That’s why we at The Urban Spring source only the BEST in organic & Non Genetically Modified (nonGMO) products.

You’ll find the most addictive cold brew coffee and delicious kombucha, raw juices and almond milk you’ve ever had.

Vegan, gluten free cookie dough, Paleo & Whole30 compliant bars and snacks, the greatest herbal supplements for memory, performance, balancing hormones, stress, and detoxing, to just name a few.

Not to mention, the most amazing, completely natural, products for kids, superfoods you don’t even know you want, yet, (and need), and products you just won’t find at your local health food store.


Take advantage of nutrition & wellness coaching from Laurel, a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach*, or have a seat, relax and peruse our shelves of wellness books, or just come by to chat.  


We’re here for you.



* - Contact for more information